Hi, my name is Shane Ballance and I’m a father of 3 wonderful children with another on the way. I’ve always had a vision of being in business for myself and not settling to work for someone else who was building their dream. 

I have done pretty much anything from construction to owning a debt consolidation business. I loved my own debt consolidation business I started to earn good money, but it consumed way too many hours a day of my life!
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I had no time for my children when they had events, I had no time for my wife, and I had no time for my friends. I am a very outgoing person and was desperate to make a big change as my business wasn’t duplicatable and I couldn’t go on any longer. 

I wasn’t into working for someone else and knew the online world was taking over. I had studied successful online marketers but still didn’t know where to start or who to believe. 

Then I came across this magical online system that is 90% done for you and since I was desperate for a change, I decided to jump in both feet. I had seen some quick results and then made the decision to walk away from my business that I had built for the last 6 years. 

I have quickly grown through the ranks with this amazing online system and well on my way to financial success and living life on my terms! 

I truly feel blessed and full of gratitude for being introduced to this online system. If you’ve ever heard of the saying: “I wish I could have been there at the right place and at the right time” 

Well, that is what I believe this magical online system to be! 

Although I helped many people in eliminating over 20 million in debt, I never really helped their financial future out because they were still earning the same as before, and most ended up in the same position of what got them into trouble in the first place. 

 With this system I feel that any one of my past clients and millions of others around the world can hugely benefit from this; and they too can take control of living life on their terms!
Shane Ballance